The Different Types of Race Cars

There are various types of race cars that take to the track during the season. These can vary from stock cars, formula one cars to those that run on dirt tracks. Each car has different features, design and set ups to allow them to handle efficiently and fast for the specific track or conditions that they are racing in.

Stock Cars
Stock cars are able to run either on a dirt or asphalt track, which is normally set up in an oval shape. The cars, according to the rules, have to be the original vehicle, meaning that they have not been specifically engineered for racing. The car can be altered to make it more suitable for racing by adding various features. One example of this is the spoiler that is often put on the front of the car, which makes it more stable and helps to prevent a roll over.

Formula One Cars
These vehicles are engineers specifically for high speed racing, featuring a body that is set low to the ground and that is aerodynamic to reduce drag. They have an open cockpit for the driver. These cars can reach speeds up to 220 miles per hour, making them the fasts race cars around. The driver relies heavily on electronic systems to help keep the car under control.

Drag Racers
Drag racers are set up to go from a starting point to the finish line on a straight track. These cars are set apart for these races based on their set up, such as how the cylinders are configured, the overall capacity of the engine and materials used in building the vehicle. They are lighter in weight but carry a higher speed level than many other types of race cars. When they race, measurements are taken of how fast the racer went, the time it took to go from start to finish and its reaction time at the beginning of the race.

The various types of race cars give fans a wide selection to watch and enjoy. Each race holds its own excitement to watch the drivers handle their particular kind of vehicle.

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